Instant fail

The next item on Pavelka Toolbox Pavelka Health Revolution is the Magic of 3…..List 3 things I want to accomplish the next day and place it in a prominent place.  For me, it is an instant fail because lists are a trigger for me.  His idea is a good one.  3 is manageable.  Placing it in a place you will constantly see is a constant reminder of my top priorities….but it is still a list.  What to do….. what to do? Mindmapping helps. 

I use Mindmaps often when I need to tackle a large project.  It allows me to organize information without it looking like a list.

Spreadsheets help me stay on task with projects, knowing what I need to do next.  Yes, I am aware that a spreadsheet is a list with a bunch of little boxes…that’s ok.  It looks less like a list and more like a maze to get through…I like mazes.

3×5 cards….put one thing to do on a 3×5 card….when it is finished throw away the card.  SHE was the source for this idea.

Many people benefit from listing what needs to be done then placing them in the order of importance.

I’ve worked hard at trying to desensitize myself from lists being a trigger.  So far, I’m failing….but I am finding creative alternatives that work for me.

This is an important thing about building your own toolbox….use the tools that work for you, build your own tool if you need to, an important part is to have a variety of ways to tackle a problem.


rm7_3441-copyNot a list.

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