Going blank

I chatted with my sister this morning and something she said triggered this great idea for a post.  Now, I’m completely blank.  I may or may not remember it later.  My sister may comment and remind me or it really wasn’t all that brilliant idea and best left unposted.  I worked many years in counseling to pull myself together but when all was said and done my memory is more like space filled with worm holes rather than a continuum of time.  I fall through the holes and lose track of important events, things I want to attend, or posts lost in some vortex leading to a black hole never to return.  In case you haven’t guessed, I watched Star Trek the first time, before reruns.  The show made quite an impact on my young mind.  I just wish I had a computer that really worked like the one in Star Trek.  I am aware that the designers of the ‘flip’ phones made them to look like Star Trek communicators.  Yes, I owned one.  My teenage super hero was Mr. Spock.  Yes, I can give a Volcan salutation.  When my children were small, I found a toy that actually trilled like a Star Trek Tribble from the episode Trouble with Tribbles; yes they got one for Christmas.  It was bigger but sounded just the same, cool thing the sound was light activated.  A washed in disappointment when after all my hard work…I time still a mystery to me.


Creative commons image….


250px-leonard_nimoy_by_gage_skidmore_2Live long and prosper.

One thought on “Going blank

  1. Only thing I can think of was me wanting to create a routine in my day to handle all the times I go blank, the same way I do when I’m cooking, i.e., lining up the ingredients and putting them away as I use them so that when I go blank I don’t lose my place. I’m able to look at the line and see what comes next.

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