What a week

I go along doing fairly well then life throws in a plot twist and I am scrambling to keep my head above water again.  I am noticing that with more coping techniques I do better.  This week I strove for acceptance of others.  Some one cheered me on saying that she hoped things were better.  I replied, “I am praying for peace and acceptance of where things are now.”  Judy and I were bouncing ideas off each other and between us we decided that we want to find peace in the storm.  I am tired of waiting for a storm to pass to feel peace.  If I feel peace in the storm I don’t need to wait any more.  I feel like my life is in the direct path of passing storms, one passes and another arrives.  Sometimes multiple storms collide with me in the center.  I am fascinated by storms.  I remember as a little girl crawling up on the roof to watch the desert storms roll in.  The towering wall of dirt topped with fluffy clouds with lightening streaking back and forth.  Awesome.  I tried to find a picture but none captured the snapshot of my memory.  The clouds would stretch across the horizon.  50 years ago there wasn’t as many houses holding the dirt down so the winds would kick up tons of dust and sand to create this permeable wall that showered filth in its wake that the rain washed away.  In the summer, the warm rain pelted down and I would dance in the puddles with no fear of the ferocious storm.  A few years ago I saw another summer storm bearing down on me while I and few thousand other motorists were going home in rush hour traffic.  I knew it would hit before I reached home.  I debated seeking shelter off the road.  Then I decided to hold my course but slow my speed, so did most of the people around me.  The wind was howling, visibility was low but we traveled slowly and arrived at our destinations.  Maybe this week is to slow down.  I can do that, I have a 3 day weekend.  Yea….for Presidents day.  I will make it through.


This link of a haboob comes close to what I remember.


One of the pictures of a Phoenix haboob jokes that it looks like the city blew up, yet survived.

Now imagine being in one of the little houses in front of that wall of dirt and clouds below….




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