It’s all in your head

Because your brain is there.

Research shows how the brain functions with memories and emotions.  I learned terms like amygdala hijacking, limbic system, and other parts of the brain.  I learned that smell cuts right to the center of the brain so produces the most powerful PTSD response.  Yes, there are times I look up every few words to read an article.  Bit by bit I am learning that PTSD actually is a survival technique when a person is too young or out of other options.  Not everyone that experiences trauma develops PTSD.  There is no magic program that resolves my issues.  There is no horrible recipe that creates PTSD.  The trauma for each person is different.  The reason I share a wide variety of coping skills is different skills work better at one time or another.  Or what works for me won’t work for someone else.  I can retrain my brain.  My brain is at the center of my PTSD.  My memories and emotions created a ‘perfect storm’ that continues to rage years later thanks to my brain.

Why don’t I just get over it?  If I knew how, I would.

Think positive thoughts. Great until my amygdala hijacks the rest of my brain.

You are living in the past.  No, my past is living in me.

One of the more interesting counseling sessions I had my counselor played the card game War with me.

He changed one of the rules.  I had to put my cards down without looking at them.  He, however, could look at all his cards and pick and choose the ones that would benefit him most.  Of course he beat me quickly.  He explained that allowing my brain to take over and act quickly was similar to having my cards face down with no control with what popped up.  But, if I learned to take back control of my responses, my response time would be slower but I could decide which approach would best fit the situation.  I share what I learned over years of fighting to get my life back.  Some days are better than others.  Bottom line.  We each have our own battles to fight and our own techniques for survival.  Sharing what works helps all of us do just a little bit better.  The fight is real.  It is all in our heads because that is where our brains are.


rm5_8290Trying to survive in a waste land.



2 thoughts on “It’s all in your head

  1. “You are living in the past. No, my past is living in me.” This line rings true for me, gave me chills actually. Very few understand this. You are correct that what what works is different for each of us, and also can change as we progress or fall back. But sharing what works and reading about it from others here is always helpful. I’m so grateful you continue to share.

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