How others feel

Working to understand children helps me to understand me.  Hints and tips on the pages are designed to help understand how children with learning disabilities may feel.  Here is something to consider.  Some people with PTSD also have learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury TBI, or other challenges that sometimes leads to having PTSD or the events may be separate events happening to the same person.  My counselor pointed out that I had a severe swimming accident as a teenager, a brain tumor causing accelerated hearing loss, cancer, and a crappy childhood.  Some people have multiple problems facing them every day.  Not every one with challenges have PTSD but everyone has some level or frustration with something.  In a healthy childhood a variety of coping skills are taught to a child to help them overcome hurdles in life.  Unhealthy situation produce more unhealthy coping skills that lead to greater and greater challenges.  Learning how to help children cope, teaches me strategies for how I can cope.



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