Tearing off scabs

It is far more dangerous to be falsely healed than authentically and admittedly broken. I have great days and terrible ones. I have a long way to go, but don’t we all? Abuse victims or otherwise? The day I stop trying to make a difference for those still struggling with these thoughts because I think I have achieved some enlightened awareness of “letting go” will never happen. I’m not letting anything go so much as I am using it differently to help myself and others Know change is possible. There is a huge difference between moving forward and letting go.

Part of the process of healing with the help of counseling is to tear off scabs over puss filled wounds.  A necessary process to healing is clearing out infected thinking, diseased beliefs, and distorted perceptions.  One of those distortions is forgetting is healing.  I forgot but I did not heal.  I needed to bring some things to my remembrance to understand where distortions and screwy beliefs came from.  Revisiting past experiences with an adult, instead of a child’s, perspective changed how I viewed myself.  I am still a work in progress.  The first step to my healing was admitting that I was extremely broken.  Until I recognized where I was, I had no hope of figuring out where I needed to go.

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