Symptoms and Learning

The past week I encountered a variety of web pages sharing different perspectives on symptoms of complex PTSD.

The first one is from a known source The Mighty.  This page hosts sections of their page devoted to different challenges.  Their articles are often thought provoking and challenging.  To me, for the most part, fairly accurate.  Please, keep in mind that when discussing PTSD, Complex PTSD, and other trauma challenges I believe there are many more opinions than facts.

In no particular order trust issues, loss of faith, loneliness, fear of people, either haywire or absent emotions, toxic shame, body distress and tension, are but a few that are addressed in the article by .

I follow Lilly on Facebook and I appreciate her efforts to educate and encourage anyone suffering from sexual abuse.

Impacts of Trauma encourage sharing their visual of different ways trauma effects a person.  In my experience, there isn’t a single part of my life that isn’t impacted by trauma.

The pattern I noticed is loss – loss of self, loss of childhood, loss of confidence, loss of trust, and other life losses.  Many hours of my counseling we talked about grieving, I felt like I might be grieving too much.  My counselor assured me I had so much to grieve.  He pointed out that rushing the grieving process actually kept me stuck in it.  He also cautioned me that it would popup again and again to find something else to grieve.  His reassurance allowed me to grieve his encouragement kept me from wallowing there.

I continue to study and share what I learn.  Some things coming up are possible resources.  I only say possible because each person is different.  Each path to healing has its own twists and turns.  What works for me, might not work for the person standing next to me.  Trauma is part of the human experience, so is healing.

First step to healing is recognizing the symptoms that indicate deep wounds that need to heal.  Recognize the symptoms and accept this is part of your life.  Acceptance is not liking what is happening.  Acceptance means you can say, “Really bad stuff happened in my life and I want to heal.”  Without recognition and a desire to change, time will march on but no healing will occur.  Healing is an active process.


Which way to Healing?


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