Run Run as fast as you can

I quit sewing costumes for plays years ago because they get so crazy with fittings, alterations, sewing, and planning… sounds like reverse order but that is how crazy plays can get.  I volunteered to help with a Christmas musical at church thinking it would have at the most a dozen parts.  Oops.  A cast of over 30 and each person plays multiple parts.  I have people helping me but the major planning and coordinating is on my shoulders.  I wish I let this pass but then I would miss out on the miracles that are happening almost every week.  It is a mixture of exasperation and joy.  I’ll be coming through this one spread sheet cell at a time.  An X in cell means another piece is done.  Gratitude keeps me fueled for the next hurdle.  The gift of gratitude is one I learned years ago.  It helps over and over when things getting frustrating or dark.  Spread liberally it increases life abundance.

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