Know where you are going then

Use baby steps, SMART goals, planning, moving forward, crawling to get there.

Around this time of year I post information about SMART goals.  I am also learning to use them more effectively myself.  Basically make a plan then work the plan.

Back for review:

What is a SMART goal?  Found an article online that gives a good description:

One definition of the acronym however has been the most popular. It is this:

S. – Specific

M. – Measurable

A. – Achievable

R. – Realistic

T. – Time based

Here are some of the many variants:

S – Specific, or significant, stretching, stimulating, simple, self owned, strategic, sensible…

M. – Measurable, or meaningful, motivating, manageable, maintainable…

A. – Achievable, or attainable, action-oriented, appropriate, agreed, assignable, ambitious, accepted, audacious…

R. – Relevant, or rewarding, results-oriented, resourced, recorded, reviewable, robust…

T. – Time based or time-bound, time- lined, track-able…
S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals are also popular today.

E. and R. are added after the letters S.M.A.R.T.

They signify the following:

E.- Evaluate, excitable, ethical…

R – Re-evaluate, reward, reassess…

But what does all this mean?

  • This means that if you are new to goal setting and happen to be surfing the internet to learn about s.m.a.r.t goals you will find a dozen and one different interpretations and could well end up being totally confused!
  • Not only that, the quality of the goal you actually set will vary depending on which interpretation you follow – and believe me they are not all equal!

My advice? If you are going to set a smart goal stick to the simple, most popular, version above.

I learned something else today.  I watched Todd Bauerle’s motivational video.  He talked about the goals we set and how often we are not enthusiastic about our goals in the first place. The example of working for salad is awesome.   His video explains better than I can:

Takes about 15 minutes and is worth your time in my opinion.  Investing in yourself:



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