Reminded myself why

Waiting for our pizza to cook I bought a book to read from the thrift store.  Reminded myself why I am not allowed to read fiction books.  Yup, finished reading it in less than 48 hours.  I would rather read than eat, sleep, exercise, work, sew….reading is my addiction.  I keep to nonfiction I am ok but get me reading a story and I am up for hours and hours.  I create the whole thing in my head. I feel their emotions and stresses and excitement and happiness…it is like my own emotions have  a play ground to let loose without doing any damage, except I don’t eat or sleep or exercise or anything else I am supposed to be doing.  I edit my sister’s books but those are stories I hear about on our walks and I am editing….which to stay sharp, I need to eat and sleep and take a break like going to work.  I am learning to accept my quirks for what they are, quirks…my own way of doing things.  I enjoyed the book and the break.  Looking forward to tomorrow a day with grandkids.  Chores that used to be irksome are such a joy to do with grandkids.  Interesting how my perspective changes with healing and aging.  However, I am still waiting for the wisdom that is supposed to come with aging.


Yes it really is that color and it is happening now…..No snow here.

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