Changed my lens

I was asked a question I am struggling with how to write the answer, “What would you like therapists to know?”

The first counselor I worked with was so extraordinary I had a hard time saying anything.  He understood me in ways that I didn’t understand about myself.  He led me to answers, allowing me to find out about me and my life.  But he wanted something more for me.  Early in my counseling he stated, “I don’t want you to just survive, I want you to thrive.” The following week I came back and my first question, “What is thriving?”  I didn’t know.  I didn’t know what it looked like, felt like, what it was – a complete unknown.  He explained it was different from anything I knew because I was raised in a fear-based environment.  It was all I knew.  Fear, threats, do it or else and I knew else was bad.  My first counselor went far beyond teaching me how to survive, he changed the lens of my life.  The Ted talk below puts into words and pictures what my first counselor did for me.

I challenge each of you to take the time to watch this all the way to the end.  Less than 20 minutes of your time, with the possibility of changing you for life.  Power comes with passion and celebration.


2 thoughts on “Changed my lens

  1. I will take the time to watch the Tedtalk despite my aversions to Ted 😉 Mostly I’m glad to hear you had an understanding and supportive therapist.

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