Product vs Process Art

Art is a magical thing.  Museums are filled with art.  Viewing master pieces most people say, “I can’t do art.”

I was told in 7th grade that I couldn’t do art and not bother taking any more classes.  I listened to that teacher and I believed because what I did never looked like the teacher’s example of what I “should” do for an art project.  When I landed a job in a university art department caring for the computers I assured them in the interview I knew nothing about art, zip, zero, nada.  They couldn’t believe how zero zero could be.  They were frustrated trying to explain to me the problems they had in the computer labs.  They made me go to the photography class so I could have the vocabulary to have a conversation.  The first day the professor proclaimed that photography is science mixed with magic.  I fell in love with photography.  A couple of years later I changed my major to photography.  I became an artist.  I was voted most improved in my drawing class.  I laughed, “The only way I had to go was up.”  I learned art.

I learned to love drawing, painting and woodworking.  Then I was laid off from the university,  I went to the high school and was dropped into Early Childhood Education.  I learned about art at a whole new level.  I learned about process art. I think my art is going to a whole new level.

Product vs Process Art:  How can you tell?

Painting, drawing, sculpting are all processes used to create true art. If you give a group of children paint, will their paintings all look identical? Of course not! Art, in its truest form, is an expression of our feelings, ideas and emotions. Therefore, art is unique to the individual.

Does the end result all look the same? If so…it is probably not art. In fact, a great way to test to see if your art activities are focusing more on the process and less on the product is to look at the end result. If a parent whispers to you, “What is it?” Then, guess what…it is process art!

Try finger-painting, pour painting, Photoshop, or any other art medium that you put aside your expectations and dive into the process of creating art.  Try unusual medium like corn meal in a roll pan, or sand, or mosaic, or any of the other possibilities that are laying around your house.   What follows are a few of the things I’ve learned to do.

Art Unlocks your Mind

Gingerbread house

Borrowed from Facebook

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