Treat the triad

Psychologist have their own language that they use to communicate with each other and without a great deal of study leave their client kind of in the dark as to what is going on.

11.   Ensure the therapeutic model/approach promotes integration of functioning, and contains the `core elements’ consistent with research findings in the neurobiology of attachment

These include activation of/engagement with right-brain processes, attentiveness to the role and effects of implicit memory, and engagement with physical as well as cognitive and emotional processes – `we must attend to all three levels: cognitive processing… emotional processing… and sensorimotor processing (physical and sensory responses, sensations  and movement’) (Ogden et al., 2006 p.140) While there are different ways of attending to these dimensions, current research elaborates the need for all three to be addressed therapeutically (`it is important to be able to engage the relevant neurobiological processes’) (Fosha; Siegel, 2003 p.229)


This is what I get out of all these $10 words.  Treat the whole person body, mind and emotions.  Yup, that is it.  Now, I double dog dare you to find any therapist anywhere that has an ability in all 3 areas.  Each one tends to focus on their expertise leaving the rest of the person without support.  So what is the client going to do?  That being me.  So what did I do?

I knew from past experience that seeking medical help when the source was emotional was pretty much useless.  However, my therapist was quite surprised to find out I really was partially deaf when emotional stress can cause hearing to diminish.  I finally figured out that I needed a team.  A doctor to monitor physical problems and health also karate, a therapist to work through emotional challenges graduated to art, and a web page like Lumosity for brain training plus some computers game that keep my mind challenged.  I can’t expect someone else to fix me.  It is my job to find out what I need and look for those groups, individuals and resources to meet my needs.  It takes effort.  Too often I heard that things got better as time goes on.  Yes, they get better if I do something about getting better.  Stewing and whining does not create healing.  I needed to be my own advocate for change.  I work every day at making healthier choices.  I still have tough days and struggle with recurring anniversaries of some events.  However, I keep fighting back to make greater progress.  The person I am fighting for is me and I am worth it.


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