Ripped up my To-Do list

Yup I did.  I ripped up my Christmas To-Do list this week.  I was stressing because my DH (Darling Husband) is looking at some serious medical issues and I was overwhelmed at all I had to do so I ripped up the To-Do list.  Now it is a Maybe do one or two things for Christmas but so far the tree is not up.  Might not make it.  Bought those sticky things you put on a wall and I might just put the Christmas lights in the shape of the Christmas tree and add the ornaments I was given by a friend.  Might not do that either.  Discovered that Christmas cookie kits exist with frosting and everything just open and do.  Might or might not do that depending on the news we get today.  I asked for and received the support I need from my job to leave early on a ‘black-out’ day….no absences allowed.  I learned when you ask you can get things arranged to fit what I need.  Not the whole day off but time enough to get home to go to the doctor with DH.  Since I tore up my list I rejoiced at getting free tickets to the Nutcracker ballet.  Took all my courage to go Downtown find a parking spot and walk to the theater.  I did it.  When ever I started to feel overwhelmed a human angel was there to direct where I needed to go next.  I had a delightful evening with my daughter laughing in all the right places.  The show was fantastic.  I am so glad I ripped up my To-Do list so I felt like I could go and simply enjoy the evening.  I am still working on presents to finish, I checked on line and the last out-of-state packaged arrived.  I cried in the store when I found a purple unicorn to donate to the Children’s Hospital in remembrance of my granddaughter that can’t get my present sent to Heaven…I feel like she is happy with my choice.  And crying at Christmas doesn’t keep Santa away just means I’m missing her and sending blessings with my tears.  I learned over the years if Christmas feels sad that is ok if it feels bad, I have the power to change it.  I stopped ‘shoulding’ on myself.  If myself or someone else says “I should…….”  I step back and decide, “Do I actually want to do that this year?”  Several activities were put on the “next year” or “never again” list.  Seriously, I highly recommend tearing up your scary To-do list and choose what works for you.  Hugs to all in preparing for whatever holiday you celebrate around this time….Did you know there are 29 major holidays this month?  So if you wish me a happy holidays, then thank you, same to you.  Choose to be kind to yourself and those that you love….don’t worry about those shoulders especially if it is your own unreasonable To-do list.


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