Ebb and Flow

I am working on something new to me.  Probably not new to most people.  In the past, no matter how stressful life becomes I am going to accomplish several things on my mental list or beat myself for not doing this.  This is the new school year, happens every august about the same time.  This year I ran out of summer and so a routine miserable medical test was bumped into the second week.  Instead of pushing myself to do more and more, I cancelled almost all other activities including house work.  I didn’t exactly stop but more of a coasting while school got started and my doctor inspected my insides.  Can’t study for this kind of test.  However, apparently my change in diet to soy free I had fewer problems than in the past.

Another new thing is I let others help to fight my battles.  There is one teacher at my school that believe is a bully and creates a hostile learning environment.  I changed teachers last year but this year they put me right back with the same teacher this year.  I was fairly sure she hadn’t changed in a year.  Two of the teachers I worked with emailed the new administrator that this was not going to work.  All I needed to do was show up to the meeting.  The administrator asked me what needed to change to be successful and it was done.  I’m so excited.  I will be with a favorite teacher in the morning, a new teacher for construction and computer programming in the afternoon.  I am watching this week unfold into an exciting and new year.

I am learning that when high stress of major changes or unpleasant medical stuff happens I need to step back from as many other activities as I possibly I can.  Like the surf of the ocean the ebb and flow changes from the stresses of the moon.  Outside forces influence my inner equilibrium, going with the flow instead of constantly trying to do exactly what I’ve always done.  Routines have their place.  The new thing I am learning that when changes are happening, pushing to meet an old routine puts on due pressure on myself.  Give myself time to ease into a new routine than add back in the important stuff like writing my blogs.

2 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow

    • Hi Carol Anne,
      Thanks for your concern. I posted today about the medical procedure I had. Everything went well. It is super hard to do this type of self care but worth it in the long run. Thank you,

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