Such an awesome word.  Sounds something odd and weird.  In a sense, it is.  It is our brains ability to change.  Scientist are learning that PTSD and CPTSD are forms of brain injuries.  Some people feel doomed by this diagnosis.  I felt relieved to have a name for my pain.  It was no longer a shadow warrior that knocked me down over and over.  PTSD/CPTSD is a reasonable reaction to an unreasonable situation.  My daughter has traumatic brain injury from removal of a brain tumor.  She is learning that TBI, PTSD and CPTSD all share similar symptoms, not identical but similar information helps each one.  She shared a link to a video that shares the basics of neuroplasticity and to me the exciting news that I can change my brain and how I respond to the World.  It is my on going project and I am making strides.  I am in physical therapy and my body is getting pushed around and manipulated to help heal damage.  In the process, I am not having a complete melt down.  I’m impressed.  10 years ago this would be impossible.  Serious progress in handling difficult challenges.

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