A day of Rest

Yes, I know the whole world feels like it has rested for more than 2 weeks.  This is about taking a day of rest to be.  Seriously.  My counselor observed how hard I worked everyday to get better.  Progress was happening but the price to my present day living was taking a toll.  He recommended working no more than an hour a day studying books and other healing processes and taking one day off from pushing forward.  We chose Sunday.  Yes, for me it has religious meaning.  Some people will take Saturday or some other day of the week.  The point is to take one day a week to enjoy being where I am at in that moment.  Not looking back trying to unscramble my past, not pushing forward into a healthier future, staying right where I am in that moment and just be.  I looked at him blankly.  “You mean do nothing.”  He grinned.  No answer.  Just let me puzzle this one out because you know when you are defined by what you do, doing nothing feels weird.  However, that doing nothing state allows whispering of the soul to surface.  I tend to keep my hands busy so to help me do nothing I will sometimes crochet something that is not new but repetitious in nature and just be.  This Being really does take practice because if you are like me, my abuser hated for me to sit quite and be still.  So sitting quietly and resting and just be me for a day is in weird way a rebellion of what I was expected to do and good for my soul.

Butterflies at rest show off their amazing colors.


2 thoughts on “A day of Rest

  1. Beautiful pictures! Resting and just being is always a great thing. I think these opportunities we have right now to rest and be still could be a great help, maybe we’ll learn new things about ourselves, those around us and the world. 🙂

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