Holidays arrive the same time

Back to this time of year again. PTSD is ramped up to the point that it took me 3 days to get 8 hours of sleep. Not good. I need to read these myself. I checked the links and they seem good. Let me know if something doesn’t work right. Thanks.

PTSD - Accepting, Coping, Thriving

Have you ever noticed that the Holiday’s arrive at the same time? The drama remains the same from year to year? The unreasonable expectations also don’t change?  I have several posts about holidays that I reuse over and over because the same stuff happens.  There is some good news.  This year one of my big anxiety dates rolled around, I didn’t even notice until that evening what the date was and I felt no anxiety at all, it was just a day.  That to me is the goal for anxiety days, they are just a day.  Holidays will be manageable because I will set boundaries, say no appropriately, and change traditions that do not bring me joy.  The healing process is a journey of change, changing the holidays to meet my needs is OK.  I also remind myself that I am my own worse enemy about putting unreasonable expectations on…

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