Holidays arrive the same time

Have you ever noticed that the Holiday’s arrive at the same time? The drama remains the same from year to year? The unreasonable expectations also don’t change?  I have several posts about holidays that I reuse over and over because the same stuff happens.  There is some good news.  This year one of my big anxiety dates rolled around, I didn’t even notice until that evening what the date was and I felt no anxiety at all, it was just a day.  That to me is the goal for anxiety days, they are just a day.  Holidays will be manageable because I will set boundaries, say no appropriately, and change traditions that do not bring me joy.  The healing process is a journey of change, changing the holidays to meet my needs is OK.  I also remind myself that I am my own worse enemy about putting unreasonable expectations on me.

I’m going to list links to my blogs with short summaries so you can decide which ones are most helpful to you:

Warrior’s Landing Holiday Tips.

1. Be honest about how you really feel.

2. Think through your boundaries.

3. Create a plan.


From my other blog, planning to spend time with family:

Emotions collide on the Holidays:

Planning helps prepare for the holidays:

In some ways I think the bears have the right idea; hibernate through the whole time.  Hugs to all and be safe this week.


3 thoughts on “Holidays arrive the same time

  1. I really like this post. I’ve reconnected with someone in my life recently who has always been very toxic (it’s a long story) and I’m dreading the upcoming holidays….

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