Calling team memebers

My posts may seem like I am jumping around a bit.  Reality is I have a big chart over my computer with columns of ideas.  I am trying to fill in the big pieces.  I am a strong advocate for suicide prevention but I also believe it takes more than saying, “Just say no”… the song says, “You need a new plan Stan.”  I am working through major areas of boundaries, survival techniques, hope for a better tomorrow, accepting where I am at are all jumbled together demanding my attention.  The pieces are filling in.  Right now there is just me and years of ideas from different things I read and tried.  I am also putting a call out for team members.  As a team member, I would post what ever blurb you want about your self in the About section.  I would also ask to share your comments as posts and included in the permanent pages.  My perspective is not the only one.  I appreciate anyone willing to share ideas and write posts.  Already TW and my sister are willing to be my team members.  Anonymous people can send me posts too, if I like them I’ll add them.  I do read everything going on here, every post, every comment, but not the ads.  The ads are the requirement by Word Press.  I do not make money off the ads.  Ads make it possible for me to do this.  I don’t even get to see which ads they are posting.  I hope they are discreet and not too absurd.   There will also be links to my favorite websites.  If you have a favorite website that you use for information please share.  My hope is building a community of people helping each other.  PTSD is tough, not impossible to live with.  I believe that with work and taking responsibility of our future we can have a brighter future.

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