Two Blogs

Over on my other blog I am answering a series of questions asked by another bloggers daughter.

This is where the questions came from:

The original blogger Kevin is writing amazing answers.  My answers are a few days later.  I don’t read Kevin’s until after I write my own.  I know my own mind’s ability to blend and incorporate information from different sources quickly.  It is a survival skill but sometimes sounds like plagiarizing, if I am not careful.  On each question, I am sharing a link to Kevin’s answers so that you can get a different perspective.

My blog: Sometimes with PTSD or any other mentally illness there are more questions than answers.

I realized that it is becoming a fascinating Q&A that my husband has bugged me for years to write.  I guess I needed someone to provide the questions.  With the list of questions, I am tackling them one at a time, a day at a time.  I am trying not to read ahead and to  give my first reaction.  In the few days I’ve worked on this, I am recognizing how blessed I am with people that accept, support and encourage me.  I sang a song to my kids as a lullaby about counting blessings and then I would name each child.  I’ve known for years that my greatest blessings call me Mom.  My husband and sister are swim buddies that have my back, side, and will chew my ass if I get too far out of line.  By the way, having someone telling you when you are out of line is a huge asset.  I am learning team building from Froglogic too.

I am learning that sometimes there are more questions than answers with PTSD or any other mental illness.

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