The Spoon Theory

Occasionally I come across something that I am so excited to share and I will put it on both blogs.  This is one of them.

Poppyposts shared an excellent web page.
This is Poppyposts link
She shared a link to The Spoon Theory.  I can’t post it here, which I respect.

Christine Miseradino generously shares a PDF file that you can download.  Yes, I downloaded a copy for myself.

I remember when I was at my worst. I could be up only 20 minutes a day. A friend asked me what a good day was. I answered, “I got up.” She waited for me to continue. I shook my head, “That’s it, I got up. A fantastic day, I got up and got dressed.” I think the spoon theory would have helped to explain my daily routine of thinking about every move I made all day long.  I am now in better health than I have ever been.  I am still careful about keeping some in  reserve.  I am stressing at work because I am pushing so hard I collapse when I walk through the door at home.  A dangerous game when I have to drive home for 30 minutes first.  Counting every move, every task, every change of activity cost precious energy. I now can plan to do in a day what I used to plan to do in a week.  I feel so blessed.

Sometimes it is too tough to face the day.

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