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CBT explanation for those that want to know.  This is one of the accepted counseling methods for PTSD.  I hope this helps.  Part of my counseling was CBT in addition to other methods.  I still use the CBT process of recognizing, greater awareness, play detective with my thoughts, confront inaccurate or negative thinking, and learn healthier ways to approach a problem.  It is a system for changing how I think. Too often people are looking for a magic pill that cures things over night.  I wasn’t damaged over night.  My PTSD was from long term abusive behavior from the time I was very young.  I need to learn a new way of thinking.  My counselor explained to me that I need a complete new emotional foundation.  He spent hours and hours teaching me how I thought was unhealthy and changing my way of approaching life to healthier choices.  CBT process doesn’t remove my problems, it helps me recognize my problems and look for healthier ways to respond.

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