Questions to consider

This is some information I found on Facebook.  Thanks to those that tirelessly share information.

There are many factors that do impact the healing journey, the length of the journey, how much healing will be possible.

Some survivors of PTSD who claim to be ‘healed’ forget these factors do impact and affect the journey for individual people.


The ability to heal, or recover from PTSD, or reduce the symptoms is dependant on many factors, some of these being….

– The severity of the PTSD – as PTSD is a continuum and people suffer different levels of severity of symptoms.

– Is it trauma, or complex trauma?

– How long was the trauma endured for, a short lived/one time trauma…. or prolonged, repeated trauma?

– Is the trauma interpersonal trauma (abuse), or not, as this will have a big impact of the healing?

– When was the trauma endured – in adulthood, or childhood – this has a big difference in impact on the brain.

– The length of time between the trauma and appropriate treatment and support, as the quicker quality support is received, the more likely the survivor has of full recovery.

– The support and quality of support a sufferer has?

– The professional support/treatment the sufferer had access to?

– Other disorders combined with the PTSD, such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, Bi-polar. Depression etc?

– The persons own psychological capacity to manage the symptoms – this does vary.

– The persons capability to engage fully in counselling?

– The levels of stress and environmental factors the sufferer has in their life?

– The point at which the survivor feels they deserve to heal.

This is not an exhaustive list, there will be many more factors that will impact the healing journey.

So, it is vital we are all aware of this, and do not compare our own journey – to someone who claims to be healed, or claims to be stronger as a result of their healing journey.

We focus on our own journey, our own needs, the individual impact the trauma had on ourselves, and that is far more healthy.


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