God is Good

This is a series of statement dubbed Stupid phrases for people to say to someone in crisis.  This is the original article

God is good – all the time.

I believe the issue with this phrase is a misunderstanding on the part of many people.  God is good – all the time is true.  However, just because God is good all the time doesn’t mean good things happen to everyone all the time.  My understanding is we came to Earth for the express purpose of experiencing trials, hardships, hurt, suffering, happiness, joy, excitement, and a whole bunch of other messy and beautiful emotions.  I am fond of simply stating, “Crap happens.”  But the crap that happens is not about Heaven.  Crap is an Earthly thing.  Christ promises that we can follow Him because he over came the World not because he had no problems but because he’s seen the worse and knows how to help those that are suffering.  I believe there is nothing that I experience or do that is so horrendous, so despicable, so horrible that Christ’s love and healing can’t reach me.

I am a big believer in recognizing that the horrible awful crap that happens on Earth, Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ can turn for our good in His own time.  Reminder, Heavenly Father’s time and my time rarely match.  It requires FAITH, in all caps, for me to understand His timing and His will.  I am the little girl that listened to family prayers that we all be protected, I wasn’t.  I heard that if I was good, bad things wouldn’t happen so for a long time I believed I must be very bad for the awful things that happened.  My first counselor, KavinCoach, helped me understand that the horrible things that happened to me, I did not cause.  They did not happen to me because Heavenly Father did not love me.  That was a lie told to me by my abuser.  They happened because I lived in the same neighborhood as a man that chose evil and chose me because he had easy access to a neglected child.  It had nothing to do with me or God’s love for me.  I understand better the weeping Christ experienced for he wept for me.  I am now seeing the crap that happened to me be turned for good as I share with others that God is good – all the time, especially in a crisis.  It takes faith to see it. Hugs to all those that are not ready to see it, yet.

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