Combinations of thoughts

I am blessed with awesome Facebook pages that encourage me and inspire me to be better.  They also assure me that I am of worth just as I am.

These are a couple of pictures that came through my timeline that I saved to use here.

Approval not needed

Often when I am trying to select ways to improve myself I hear echoing in my mind criticism and attacks from thoughtless people or my abusers.  Filtering out the emotional garbage is a tough chore.  Especially for many years I accepted the garbage as a self definition.  Counseling taught me I had value and worth without changing who I am.  I choose to improve myself because I like improving.  I am not required to improve myself to prove my worth to anyone.  For some people, they will never see my worth because they don’t see me and don’t wish to see me.  I am a cog in their world to use and if I don’t fit their agenda, I have no worth.  I don’t need to accept their evaluation of who I am.  My counselor spent years….you read that right, years teaching me I was worth more than what I do.  I am an unique, creative, interesting person.  I’m worth knowing and having as a friend.  I am loyal and caring.  I enjoy helping others.  When I stopped trying to please everyone else, I started figuring out who I am.  I am thankful to the different Facebook sites posting reminders that I am an awesome person, my abusers do not define me any more.

3 thoughts on “Combinations of thoughts

  1. This is so great to read and so true. I’ve been on a similar journey of realising my self worth and find posts similar to those you shared helpful as reminders of this too. X

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