Battle of the mind

Lose battle in our thinkingIn some situations, there are limits I can’t change.  There are problems I can’t fix.  There are choices by other people, I can do nothing about.  If I sleep more, the nightmares will come, not perhaps, not maybe but come without fail.  If I work my self to exhaustion, my body will collapse, it does this cute little trick of shutting down at inconvenient times like while I am at work, or church or even driving is at risk.  But I am learning more and more that things I thought were impossible aren’t.  Things I thought I couldn’t do, I’m doing them.  I am learning many thing about turning impossible to I’m possible.  I feel sad that some of the PTSD posts I read are feeling defeated.  The words I can’t, permanent, life over, permeates their words.  My karate class is teaching me over and over again that the limits I put on my life are there as long as I say they are they.  As I push my self physically, I push myself mentally.  I am the only person that can get me out of this hole I am in.  My counselors gave me suggestions but I have to do the work.  NOBODY can do it for me.  PTSD is part of my life, I keep fighting to be me and not my PTSD.  I will never give in or give up.  My life is mine.  I am staking my claim.


Source of the quote, unknown, I clipped it quite a while ago.

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