I posted information before, I’ll probably post many more on Complex PTSD.  I was not diagnosed with Complex-PTSD because it wasn’t identified yet.


My reaction is the main difference between PTSD and Complex PTSD is duration.  PTSD usually with one or a cluster of traumatic experiences.  Complex_PTSD refers to ongoing trauma that goes on for years.  One might ask why would someone put up with abuse for years.  One answer, I didn’t know anything else.  Let me share an example.  I was in a group therapy before we understood how messed up I actually was.  One of the things they did was an activity to help us ‘trust’ each other.  The leader of the group blinded folded me and expected me to go through an obstacle area listening to someone giving me directions.  It didn’t go well. (Huge understatement!)  At the time, I didn’t realize how deaf I actually was and blinded folded I was terrified.  When I talked to my counselor about the horrific experience he asked, “Why didn’t you take the blindfold off?”  Say what???????? It never occurred to me that was an option.  Living with trauma sometimes the insanity seems like that is all there is.  Other choice seem as foreign as living on Mars.  Struggles in my life included I didn’t believe I had the right to ask to go to the bathroom when I needed to.   Being ignored and excluded was expected.  Criticism, setup to fail, invalidated were part of day-to-day living.  Changing a life time of conditioning is a slow and difficult process.  The first is believing something better is possible.


5 thoughts on “CPTSD

  1. But sometimes I find spending a lifetime of being dictated to and manipulated, once I was finally free of that I thought it would stop there. But it was only the beginning and I’ve been completely lost xx

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