Explaining Stuck

I keep doing research and reading what others write about the challenges of PTSD.  One of the more perplexing terms used by counselors is the explanation that I am ‘Stuck.’  Well great, what does it mean and how do I get unstuck?  I imagined myself ‘stuck’ in quicksand, the more I struggled the more ‘stuck’ I become.  From talking to several different counselors each one interprets this a little differently.

Roots to Blossom wrote an awesome post explaining ‘stuck’ and what it is not.


Terms that might be helpful to define.

assimilated – making a problem mine when it is not my responsibility

over-accommodated – over the top, trying to take on too much responsibility.   http://psychology.about.com/od/glossaryfromatoz/g/Accommodation.htm

Knowing what it is helps to structure a plan to become unstuck.

I learned from my experience that ‘stuck’ is a thought or belief that was formed earlier in my life that becomes an obstacle in my growth now.  Sometimes I cling tenaciously to these erroneous thoughts in the mistaken belief they are true and can’t be changed.  This is a part of counseling that was very difficult for me as I changed my thinking to change my life.  The counselor couldn’t do this for me.  I needed someone else to point out my ‘stuck’ thoughts.  Helping me see a different way to look at my situation.  Then, this is the big part, I had to willingly change my thinking.

doneSometimes you need help to get unstuck

One thought on “Explaining Stuck

  1. This was very helpful. I find I get stuck a lot. My brain goes to mush, my words cant come out, I shut down. I dont like it but I have found if I work through it it becomes easier and I become more connected to my body and thought processes. X

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