PTSD and Yoga

I came across two articles that explain the benefits of yoga when healing from trauma.  I tried it years ago in college.  I still use breathing exercises I learned in the class.  I want to share different ideas if I am using them or not because what does or does not work for me, may or may not work for someone else.  The one thing I have learned about the body and the mind is there are multiple ways of approaching healing.  I do use some simple yoga.  I know others that use it far more extensively.  Like anything else you may come across someone that uses yoga to extremes or tries to bully a person into doing poses that harm their body.  Being involved and active in your own healing process to help you decide what works best for you.  The cool thing is there are MANY free videos about yoga and demonstrating different poses.  I believe that any activity that challenges me to take back control of my body benefits my healing process.  Enjoy.

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