The Buck Stops With You!

I am going to respond to Pavelka Health Revolution Pavelka Toolkit

The only person who is responsible for your life is YOU! That may sound harsh but it can also be enlightening as YOU have control over YOU and nobody else – so if something does not feel right you can change it.

This is the starting point.  This was the key piece that I had to accept to be in counseling.  As long as I blamed someone else, my counselor would threaten to throw me out of counseling.  I cannot change my past, anyone else, and the future isn’t here yet.  The only control I hoped to have is myself.  In the sessions I was blaming someone else my counselor would point out that no one was holding a gun to my head.  I was allowing them to control me.  Ahhhhgggg!  Personal accountability, choice, stop the blame-game, I decide how I am going to behave today.  Interesting thing was my counselor also pointed out that as a child my life depended on unreasonable adults doing their best to harm me.  Unfortunately, I brought that child taught fear into adult life.  Counseling taught me how to set aside childish fears and face my own life.  I am not saying that my childhood fears were not reasonable.  They were.  But I am an adult now and I decide how I respond today.  The interesting side affect is when I change others are forced to change because I am no longer responding to them in the same way.  I am still working on this concept and experimenting on what I have control over.


Hawk flying upside down to catch a treat. How bad do you want it?

Hawk flying upside down to catch a treat. How bad do you want it?




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