Many besides Pavelka use affirmations as part of their toolbox of things to do to help cope with life.  I take a dim view of them since my mother used an affirmation that she taught her students but she didn’t really believe what she said.  I get the concept but I saw a negative example.  When I was in counseling, two of my counselors pointed out that affirmations are simply ways we talk to ourselves.  Both also let me know that the way I talk to myself is terrible.  I trash talk myself worse than anyone else.  A recent Facebook meme got me thinking.  The thought suggested that instead of saying, “I’m sorry for being late”  I rephrase this to “Thank you for waiting for me, you are so patient with me.”  I decided not to kick affirmations to the curb but instead I want to incorporate the concept into a kinder way to talk to myself.  Reassure myself that I can do hard things, encouragement instead of criticism, talk as kindly to myself as I talk to most other people.  I think I will change affirmations to Positive self talk….I can do this.


img_5800What do I focus on in myself?


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