He has my back

Being married to a person with PTSD is tough.  Ask my husband how difficult and unreasonable I can be.  Counseling so many years ago started with marriage counseling.  It quickly became obvious that very little marriage counseling could occur while I was so damaged and my thinking distorted by dissociation.  My husband went with me to counseling for years.  Trust issues abound.  I kept looking at his actions and comparing him to my childhood abusers….so not fair to him.  I wrote about working on costumes these last few months.  Several of the other seamstresses stopped helping me because they were busy and this was just too much.  They were right.  Cool thing happened.  My husband pitched in and sewed for me the 3 days we were off work for Thanksgiving.  I cut out stuff and he sewed.  If he couldn’t help with sewing he made sure I ate.  If I wasn’t sleeping he would listen to my frustration with my situation.   He has my back.  Yes, the costumes were finished for dress rehearsal.  I couldn’t have done it without him.  My sister also came every day to label each piece. With well over 200 pieces of costume, the logistics of who gets what and when is mind boggling.  The labeling took hours and hours of work.  Then other people stepped out of their comfort zone to help out with the last pieces that needed simple sewing while I kept more complex projects for myself to do.  I then spent a week at every dress rehearsal and performances.  Then it was over, almost.  Then I washed costumes and returned the borrowed ones.  All that is left is boxing them all up.  I wrote over on my other blog what I learned from this experience.  http://weareone-ruth.blogspot.com/2017/12/why-this-why-now.html The biggest was my husband has my back and willing helped me when I was in a tough spot.  I feel loved and thankful I trusted him.

When things get tough, thankful to know someone is in there with you.


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