Different definition

I don’t consider this a self care for me.  I like planning things.  I like spacing out my errands so they don’t get all jammed on the same day.  I am happy to be alive and doing so many different things. However, I do give myself permission to have a no peopling day.


25. At least one unscheduled day per week, with no errands to run and no work or social obligations.

Judy’s thoughts on this: https://theprojectbyjudy.wordpress.com/2017/12/20/self-care-25-of-25/

I am an introvert at the extreme end of introvert.  I need time to regenerate my batteries alone, by myself without anyone there.  I like waking up and having something to do EVERYDAY.  I spent 3 years in bed only being up for 20 minutes a day.  I like have something to do every day and the strength to do it.  I am learning to choose more wisely.  Not every social engagement is an obligation.  I am obligated to be at work because I want the pay check.  After that, if a social interaction feels like an obligation I remind myself no one is holding a gun to my head.  I am stopping ‘shoulding’ on myself.  If I don’t feel joyful and happy to being going some place I evaluate, “Do I need to go at all?”  or a better question for me is, “Am I blessing mine or someone else’s life by doing this activity?”  When I was sick for so long I learned there are darn few things I actually have to go to.  I would change this one to “I will choose healthy use of my time going to work or interacting with others.”  Or another way to say this, “I give myself permission to have alone time when I need it.”  Sometimes that is more than one day a week. I was in a job that was literately making me ill going.  The last year I worked there I was in the hospital 3 times with stress illnesses.  I changed my job.  If I have a friend that I dread seeing, they are not a friend.  If I am doing something because I ‘have to’ I look for the person holding a gun to my head.  I am thankful to my counselor that taught me no person, job, or activity is a good choice if it is for unhealthy reasons.  I still may make the choice but it isn’t a healthy choice and I need to acknowledge that.  Every day I wake up to a new day that is loaded with opportunities, it is my responsibility to use it in such a way that I look back at the end of the day and feel like I grew, blessed others or made it through the day.  Some days getting to the end of the day all in one piece is quite an accomplishment.  I will rejoice in that accomplishment.  Yes, I have a different definition of #25 and that is ok.

Some times I need alone time.

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