Self -regulation button broke

Been a rough 2 or 3 months.  Tons of family stuff happening and changes at work.  I realized recently I must have broken my self-regulation button or turned it off.  That button that when pushed you do the adult thing when you are supposed to do it.  Not the broken one of not going to sleep when I am supposed to, refusing to do daily little things that help with self-care, spending way too much time in a farming game rather than face the anger, frustration, and other feelings that need attention.  Sticking my tongue out and flouncing over to my computer to play games is not choosing healthy coping skills.  I barely touched my camera in months.  Head shaking.  Heavy sigh.  Being a responsible adult takes a bunch of mental energy that I don’t have right now.  Not doing those things, I feel guilty and more weighed down.  Time to reevaluate and fix my Self-regulation button.

Fairly good article explaining the role of feelings in self-regulation:

Fairly long article and written concerning teenagers but excellent basic information:

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