6 Year anniversary

This month will be my 6 year anniversary with WordPress.  When I started there was very little online for PTSD based in childhood abuse.  CPTSD or complex PTSD was not used yet.  Much has changed.  Yet still more to be done.  I used this time of technically house arrest to really think over and consider what I am doing.  I came to the conclusion that there still is a nitch to be filled.  Many bloggers and websites address the issues of recovering from trauma.  Very needed and I am thankful that is far more wide spread.  What is still missing in the context of Childhood abuse PTSD/CPTSD is the huge amount of information that I missed learning.  I did not learn boundaries, how to say no, the appropriate way to stand up for myself, and the list goes on and on and on.  I was doing research on one program and her way of getting better was to choose dissociation from emotions.  I went down that road, it does not end well.  This blog won’t change much as far as sharing ideas about coping with PTSD/CPTSD.  I will focus more on coping and thriving.  If I find something about symptoms and accepting that needs review I will share that too.  I believe I can move forward with the idea that most people getting to my log know what PTSD or CPTSD is already.  I spent many post defining what these are.

I hope everyone is keeping in contact with other people by shouting out their windows, or like the Italians singing out their windows, sidewalk chalk messages or ZOOM or SKYPE or whatever means you have to connect.  I learned through counseling that connecting is one of the most important things we need in life.  I told my counselor I would be quite happy as a hermit.  These weeks in semi-isolation….nope this is not true.  I enjoy connecting with people.  I am more selective with which people I connect.  I can say over all I am thriving at this time and thanks to Duolingo, I am also learning Spanish.  Buenos dias.



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