Intrusive thoughts

My sister and I both are encountering several different references to Intrusive thoughts.  This video is one of the references to intrusive thoughts: My sister’s question “Doesn’t everyone?”  frames what I thought.  Doesn’t everyone have intrusive thoughts?  Apparently, no, many people do not have intrusive thoughts.  I do.  Here is Judy’s link to get her perspective.

This is the comment I left on her post:

One of the things suggested to me is mindfulness. Pay attention to my breathing, slow, deep, and steady. What does the chair that I am sitting in feel like? Is my skin cool or warm? What am I looking at right in front of me? How do I feel about the color? Ask myself all about my present environment, what do I hear? Bring myself into totally awareness of now. It is starting to work. It didn’t at first but like many new skills it takes time and practice. This is also a subject of a future conversation with my counselor.

I also did a bit of research and found these links:

This webpage suggests another solution:

This next article discusses using heightened self-awareness through self-monitoring, I also heard this as emotional journal writing.

Forum with a variety of ideas from others with PTSD:

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