I used this technique but didn’t have a spiffy name for it.  My sister calls it Mini-Mental Vacation.  Sitting at my computer I can visit some place else.  A few minutes on a favorite blog, search for yummy cookies recipes, or images from awesome fellow photographers it is a few moments to set aside worry, grief, fear and reset my mind.  Enjoy a brief mental vacation at amazing Mono Lake……

RM5_8449 RM5_8455 RM5_8461 RM5_8465 RM5_8469 RM5_8470 RM5_8484 RM5_8486 RM5_8495 RM5_8498 RM5_8505 RM5_8509 RM5_8510 RM5_8517 RM5_8523 RM5_8524 RM5_8529 RM5_8580  RM5_8530  RM5_8584RM5_8559RM5_8574

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