Wow.  Mindfulness is what I would call a MEGA tool.  It helps people with all sorts of issues not just PTSD.  A lot is written about it.  All 3 of my counselors talked about using mindfulness, being present, counting breathes, and several other references.  This to me is like hitting the pause button when you are playing a fast paced video game.  You get a chance to stop and think things over before moving into using one of the tools you need for finding a solution or a combination of solutions.  Like many tools, this takes practice, lots of practice.  I also recommend practicing when not in crisis.  A pianist practices many hours before stepping on the stage.  A painter paints many other pictures before painting a master piece.  Mindfulness takes practice before using it during a crisis.  I’m getting better at this.  I am noticing how quickly I can slip into counting my breathes, observing my immediate environment, pay attention to the odors and sounds that I usually ignore, look for familiar things in my space, I could keep listing more ways to use mindfulness techniques to help me feel connected to here and now.  Do they always work? No, of course not.  Tools are not infallible, they help cope.  This one happens to be more powerful as I practice using it.


This link leads to many other links to explore mindfulness: https://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/mindfulness

I did a search for mindfulness to give a wider selection of webpages, I discovered an entire webpage devoted it mindful living.  I am just starting to explore it but a number of the articles look very promising.


I’ll probably come back to this tool many times, but it is not my only tool in my toolbox for coping with negative effects of PTSD.

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness

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