Sometimes the answer is NO

I put off this question because it is staring me in the face right now…..

“Couldn’t we at least…?” This is the question to ask that will enable you to get unstuck, as they say. It’s what enables you to get past disagreement to some consensus, as in couldn’t we at least agree that we all care about the welfare of students, even if we disagree about strategy? It’s also a way to get started when you’re not entirely sure where you will finish, as in couldn’t we at least begin by making sure that all kids have the chance to come to school healthy and well-fed?~James Ryan


Logically and with many people there is a level you can go to find some molecule of agreement.  The speaker obviously not acquainted with my Mother.  There are a few people, very few, I encounter that:

A.  Refuse to find any common ground.

B.  Choose to tell others, “My way or the highway.”

C.  Have Zero empathy for the needs of others.

D.  No reasoning power to make a reasonable compromise.

I learned that unless you actually interact with a person like this, it is difficult to understand these people exists, in homes, offices and work places across the globe.  People connect on line trying to wrap their minds around behaviors that make no sense. In a few situations, the answer to “Couldn’t we at least…….?”  NO, no no-no, no no no no no no no no no

People from outside the situation judge the person saying no as they are the one being unreasonable.  I believe that you don’t know what kind of person some people are until you close the door.

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