An advantage

I grew up with no social media.  I couldn’t text, surf or blog because none of that existed.  Saved me from posting a lot of dumb stuff.

25. “Several things, but the main one was lashing out on social media for years. Controversial and angry statuses, just due to the anger inside of me. I have texts I sent my friend where I described just how much I felt this unsettling anger in my chest. Emotional abuse from peers at school to family [can] really [mess] you up. I then finally found a therapist who could help me and I’ve come a long way.

I did not lash out on social media at anybody because Facebook didn’t launch until I was already in counseling.  However, I did have a ton of anger inside of me.  I do have thousands of emails to my counselor trying to get me through the week to the next appointment.  I was really messed up, emotional abuse does that to you, especially when it comes from multiple sources.  Then I found an amazing therapist that coached me through an epic journey.  I had no idea what my husband and I were getting into when we sought out a marriage counselor to help us understand each other.  Clueless to the turmoil raging inside of me waiting for someone to help me to unlock my own mind.  These post from the adult habits are tough to write, however the benefit is showing me clearly that even though I had 100% of these habits, I improved on 100% of them.  There is not one of these habits that I haven’t improved on. My counselor put me through my paces.  He trained me, encouraged me and set what I thought was an impossible goal, Thriving.  It is not impossible any more.  This is a very good feeling.  My counselor empowered me to become the person that I always had the potential of becoming. I prayed for an answer and I got it cloaked in a challenge, “Are you going to allow your abusers to define you?”  Heavenly intervention did not come in the way I expected.  I am thankful and happy tonight.



Sitting in my counselor’s office with my 10,000 puzzle pieces.  He taught me to put my life together.

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