Feel the win

I loved watching this video.  Thanks Judy.  https://theprojectbyjudy.wordpress.com/2017/08/17/celebrate-the-little-things/

One of the important things about this blog is learning about thriving.  I believe that feeling what I am feeling when I am feeling it is a part of thriving.  How can I thrive if I do not celebrate my wins on a daily basis?  I like when Brendon pointed out that too often we wait for the BIG wins to allow ourselves to celebrate.  Living with PTSD, big wins are sometimes few and far between.  However, everyday there is one small thing I can celebrate.  There was a time in my life if I got out of bed, that was a great day.  Getup and get dressed was spectacular.  When a toddler is learning to walk we cheer every weaving step.  But then they are cruising and climbing and we stop the celebration.  I agree that I need to set aside a regular time to celebrate my wins and to allow myself to feel it.  That bubbly amazing feeling when things go right.  When I started this journey out of the darkness of severe PTSD I called this minute wins “Pin pricks of light.” Poke a hole with a pin in a black piece of paper, hold it up to the light, and that was how much hope I felt in a day.  I learned to poke more and more holes in the darkness that pressed in on me.  I believe I am ready for Brendon’s next step to celebrate the small things in life and feel the wins and share my happy feelings with enthusiasm.


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