Shake it

Oh wow…I’ve always fought the shaky feeling I sometimes get after extreme stress is over.  I learned from another Facebook PTSD person about TRE®

I experienced this for years.  I didn’t know that people are now trying to shake off tension on purpose.  I had an opportunity to try it this week.  I was extremely nervous about a medical procedure this week.  I openly explained that I had PTSD and offered the idea that if I started to panic I would raise my right hand.  They agreed then explained every part of the procedure so well that I felt no surprises.  Everything happened they way they described.  I didn’t panic.  Then after they were finished, my body began to shake.  In the past, I would tighten my muscles and force my body to stop shaking.  This time I allowed my body to shake for about a minute.  Because I told the nurse I had PTSD, she wasn’t alarmed.  She checked in with me to make sure I was safe then suggested for me to sit up when I was ready.  I was totally amazed at how the shaking really did help all that tension release rapidly.  I noticed that there are more videos about this on youtube.  I am looking forward to finding another way to release tension.

Just shake it takes on a whole new meaning.  🙂

Another technique to help with tension is grounding.

I forgot to record the original source….Thanks to whoever posted this.  I found about a dozen of them online so I am not sure who originally posted.


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