Human Experience


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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I believe there is a 4th aspect that is often ignored, our spiritual welfare.  Sadly, abusers do terrible things proclaiming that God is backing them.  Religious abuse is much more wide spread then mentioned.  It is still pretty much a taboo subject.  Some people are raised in a culture without any form of Supreme Being at all.  We come in all forms.  Many cultures around the world believe that humans are made up of two parts, physical and spiritual.  I believe that we were spirits first sent here to Earth to experience being human.  We were so happy to progress to this planet.  I also believe we did not comprehend what we signed up for.  I was fortunate that my therapist shared my religious beliefs.  Several of our discussions were keyed into conversations about why I believed Heavenly Father allowed bad things to happen to me.  I simply stated that God gave man our agency.  If He always stopped us from hurtful choices than He would take back His gift to us.  I also believe that Heavenly Father makes amazing things from apparently bad experiences.

Feeling buried, you were planted.

Feeling cut down, you were pruned.

Feeling forgotten, look up.

Feeling tired, He will give you rest.

Feeling crapped on, He makes fertilizer.

Whatever negative or bad thing that happened to me He can make something good come out of it.  He doesn’t say all things are good for me.  He tells me that He will turn it to benefit me.  Change my perspective, change my perception of my experiences.  My belief in Christ carries me through my toughest times.  Like an unbreakable thread that connects me to Eternity.  I’ve been laughed at, scorned and belittled for my beliefs.  That is OK.  I will not deny that Christ is my Savior.  In high school I totally changed my friends because they were pressuring me about my religion.  Each person’s religious beliefs are very powerful and often private.  Yes, I experienced religious persecution and had my faith twisted into something negative.  I returned to basics to what I believed and rebuilt my foundation on a healthy outlook.




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