Don’t Challenge Karma

I learned long ago, before counseling, when I was raising my small children we checked out a library book called, It Could Always be Worse.  (  I delightful tale of the woes of a young man when his brother’s widow moves in with her lazy son.  Seeking answers things became much worse.  Survivors experience worse.  They already had horrible things happen, however, I feel like putting duct tape over the mouth of anyone that utters the challenge, “It can’t get worse.”  PTSD survivors know bad things happen.  Sometimes the challenge is to remember that although things can always get worse, things can also get better.  If you believe you can not get well, you are right.  If you believe you will get well, you are also right.  Better, worse, wrong, or right life changes constantly.  Some changes are more advantageous than others.  Some difficult changes are the very thing I need to have happen so other things fall into place.  Mind set…..attitude….perspective fearsome threesome that can lift me up or pull me down….I get to decide.


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