Ideas to help accommodate

One more party to go….New Year’s Eve.

I usually avoid New Year parties.  Often I spend them watching on TV the New Year pass as the globe turns.  Every hour another city televises their celebration.  My daughter with TBI, traumatic brain injury, posted a link to the Mighty on how to accommodate a person with TBI.  Interesting thing when I read the list….almost everyone of them applies to PTSD.

Seriously, all of these ideas would be helpful for a person with PTSD.  Including a room to slow down in, maybe not dark but at least quiet and preferably not a bedroom since that is often a trigger for CPTSD.  If someone did these things for me, I could consider attending the party.  Mostly it is easier to stay home.  Facebook offers opportunities to wish people a happy New Year.  I can turn off the sound on the TV and watch the excitement without being overwhelmed by it all.  Hosts and hostesses, if someone you know has TBI, PTSD, or CPTSD you might consider these ideas for them to choose to come to your gathering.

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